Owning Myself


Whose life is it that you’re living?

There are areas of our lives over which we have total control, and yet we choose to give our power away in the littlest things as well as the big things. From the clothes we wear to the way we spend the hours of our days, we let ourselves be pushed and pulled, influenced sometimes completely unknowingly.

It’s time to become more aware of ourselves and our rights to BE who we are, and illustrate that through everything we represent: internally and externally.

Owning my Look

If I were to go through my entire wardrobe today, and throw away any item of clothing that wasn’t ‘me’, I wonder if I’d be left with anything at all?

If I had it my way (which, when you think about it, I really do!) I’d be wearing long flowing flowery gowns, big brimmed hats and loads of bright colours – especially oranges, reds and yellows. I’d wear East Indian saris, and Native American headbands and jewellery. I’d wear cream coloured clam diggers and short pale blue cotton tops. I’d wear hippy style psychedelic patterns and tie dyes.

Two things challenge me: one is finding such clothes in my size that fit properly. The other is actually wearing them in public. I might stand out in a crowd, get stared at, or have unsavoury comments thrown at me. Especially here in the UK, where heaven forbid anyone wear anything but the many shades of black, grey and navy… and no patterns, oh God help us!

(Fortunately, here in Wales, the view is a bit broader and I can get away with donning a bright colour or two.)

When I was younger, I used to feel physically ill wearing anything that did not feel like it suited me. Over the years, I learned to suppress that icky feeling and wear what society demanded as acceptable.

Once again, I am learning that honouring my Self, treating my soul in a most sacred way, involves Owning my Look: outwardly expressing myself in a way that feels really ‘me’.

Owning my Work

Apparently, the top two ways that people find their career paths are by: looking at job ads in the newspaper and taking whatever they can get; or having a relative or acquaintance who gets their foot through the company door.

Rarely is it exactly what we have hotly pursued with a lifelong passion. It might be palatable enough to those who settle for mediocrity. The majority seem trapped in something they never thought they’d wind up in, and now they are too afraid to leave it behind.

For the past three years I have found myself on a job hunt of sorts, trying to find the right work, willing to accept any job purely to pay the bills. The universe keeps blocking a successful outcome. I’m just not getting called for interviews. And the few that I have had, although they went swimmingly, I was not the successful candidate. What is going on?

Perhaps I am already doing my rightful work – this writing, these websites, and the multitude of things that pack my day solid. Because I haven’t called it my job, because I don’t receive a pay cheque at the end of the month, it does not feel like it is my work.

Perhaps if I declared to the world, “This is what I do for my living”, the universe will deliver a method of remuneration.

A judge of whether you are following your passion through your job is asking yourself the question, “Would you do this work even if you weren’t paid?”

I am doing this work without any promise of any kind. I do it, because my heart calls me to do it. It’s been said, “Do what you love and the money will follow”. I am waiting!

Until now, I have not Owned my Work. Now, I am learning to accept and appreciate what I do daily as a valuable way to live.

Owning my Soul

This soul awareness that appears to reside in and/or around my body is deliberately focusing attention on the life path of Annie Zalezsak. The connection of my personality to my soul is one that deserves regular recognition and honouring.

I do this through my own system of spiritual discipline. I am saying my own regular prayers and affirmations. I am creating my own special rituals that reflect my dedication to live my Soul’s purpose through this vehicle of my body. I acknowledge that I am a part of the Source that is All; and yet as an individual consciousness, I have my own plan within ‘God’s Plan’.

Through the privilege of a perceived separation of my Soul assigned to this body, I can know what it is to Own my Soul.

Owning Myself

God, the Universe, Source (or however you choose to language our Higher Power) is expressing It Self uniquely through each and every one of us.

Own this expression.

Be willing to make it as true to the form of the inner you as you can possibly dare to be!

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