Get On With It


Okay, so now I know what to do. I’ve had all these insights. I’ve discussed it thoroughly with some great advisors. I’ve had the professional guidance of a life coach (or two… or three…). I’ve done all the biggest seminars and heard the best speakers. I’ve read a zillion and one self-help books. I know what I am supposed to do.


I look this way and that. I twiddle my thumbs. I wait. I sit. I stand. I do some trivial chore. I pause. I channel surf on the tv. I do some google searches on the net.


What’s happened? Shouldn’t my marvellous life have kicked in by now? Haven’t I done all “The Work”? Haven’t I changed so much already? Why isn’t my life manifesting all those great things I’ve visualised (once or twice)? Where has my life purpose disappeared to? Why did my goals list disintegrate?

The Buddhist saying goes:

    Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
    After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

For some reason, a lot of us seekers think that after we learn Reiki, or read Conversations with God, we should somehow be so forever changed that our lives take this dramatic turn into a kind of saintlyhood, protected by the angels, and guided by the universe to light the way to a life of profound meaning.


We have only skimmed the surface. And no matter how many of these courses you do, no matter what amount of books you’ve read, or indeed what incredible deeds of valour or kindness you have bestowed upon others: you’re in the same boat. You’ve only skimmed the surface, too.

Because, you see, the Universe (God) expresses herself in a myriad of ways. All these techniques you explore give you greater insight into the vastness of this ultimate power. But the Universe (God) also has infinite possibilities of self expression. No matter what you learn, there is boundless more to learn and experience.

That’s why – as they say – it’s about the journey, not the destination.

That’s why – as they say – we’re meant to “live in the here and now”.

There is no goal. There is no arrival. There is no destination of enlightenment.

There is, however a path. And on that path is a step. And each step is Now. This moment.

Whatever you are doing Now, is the ultimate. Whatever you are learning or experiencing Now, is the most transformational.

So when you sit and dawdle, that too, is a great inspirational time. Life shifts on many levels. Experiencing the dawdle is as precious as the epiphany.

Because it’s all Universe – it’s all God – experiencing herself in All Ways. Through You.

If you think you’ve arrived at some level of mastery, think again. If you think you’ve done nothing all day, think again. Both modes are equally beautiful. Both ways are profound in their own right.

You can push yourself, or you can relax. You can drive, or you can sleep. Your soul is an infinite, eternal presence that has equal value no matter what state it is experiencing.

When you feel pressure from your mind to “get on with it”, know in your heart, you most certainly are. No matter what that looks like on the outside.

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